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  • FAQ
    • Ribbon button labels being cut off at the bottom when running Namo Author on my laptop 
    • Can it be installed in other operating systems likes Unix / linux / MAC? 
    • Namo Author does not run in a virtualized environment of Mac system. 
    • I want to change the order of the document. 
    • I would like to import and edit MS Word or text documents. 
    • [Image editor] I want to edit pictures which is embedded in e-book cover or body. 
    • Want to make fixed layout form such as magazines and books in electronic worksheets. 
    • I want to make the insertion Photo Gallery (photo album) in the e-book. 
    • [Animation effects] I would like to create an animated e-book 
    • I would like to insert video and audio in the e-books. 
    • [Question Template] I want to create an e-book, including question-solving capabilities. 
    • I want to publish to EPUB. 
    • How do I purchase license? 
    • Does the license purchase, license keys issued checks from? 
    • How do I regiater a license key issued? 
    • What is the difference between a single license and a group licenses?